Curtis Cunningham // "A Wonderful World of White"

Coffee tables and books. They go together like college and questionable decisions.

Usually coffee table books are filled with color photos to ponder while you sip your dark roast.

It’s meditatively simple, and this coffee table book of photos taken on back-country ski trips through the mountains of Northern British Columbia is no different.

 Everything looks better under two feet of snow.

Everything looks better under two feet of snow.

Curtis Cunningham put together his two passions, skiing and photography, to bring you Wonderful World of White.

Sorry to disappoint, but it’s not a coffee table book about the life of Pablo Escobar. Curtis’ project is about his personal journey of health and discovery through Canada’s white mountain wilderness.

He traveled into some of Northen British Columbia's most remote and highest places, and came back with a close up of Mother Nature that she only shows to the few who venture far enough.

His camera shows us nature at its loneliest, its most barren and isolated, but also its most bewitching. There’s a feeling after looking through his photos that you’ve tapped into something old and unchanging. And like all good photography, you find a part of yourself there.

Which makes for some good pondering while you drink latte’s in your living room.

 That way lies Mordor. Or just Northern British Columbia

That way lies Mordor. Or just Northern British Columbia

Like most of life’s endeavors, Curtis didn’t know where this one would take him until he started.

“I don't remember having any grand plans apart from simply documenting the mountain, and telling the story of where I went and what I did with my camera.”

Three years later, you can have the fruits of his labors on your coffee table.

 Typical morning commute.

Typical morning commute.

He’s planning to fund the project with a Kickstarter campaign, launching soon, with rewards ranging from postcards and hard copies of his book, to a full-on ski trip through Smithers, BC.

Curtis just wants to share his wonderful world of white with the world. You can follow his project on Instagram for photo leaks from another world. 

“What really matters to me is how the world around me is utterly transformed by the falling snow. I feel everything around me looks so much better in the winter.”

 This mountain needs a Do Not Disturb sign

This mountain needs a Do Not Disturb sign

It might be impossible to top the coffee table book made by Kramer from Seinfeld, which was actually about coffee tables, and which itself, folded into… yea, a coffee table.

But Curtis’s book might be a close second, with some startling images of nature at its boldest, its most isolated, and yet somehow most inviting.

For yourself and coffee tables everywhere, keep in the loop about Kickstarter dates for The Wonderful World of White by signing up for the email on Curtis' website.

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