"It can be very difficult to forgive depending on the situation. It's something I've struggled with in the past, and at times, still struggle with now. When I don't forgive it becomes more negative for my life rather than the persons life who I'm choosing not to forgive. That's why I think it's so important to let go of that anger. 

There are a lot of pretty amazing moments in life but you can really miss out on those moments when you choose to stay angry and not move forward with a positive attitude. It's good to remember things and try to learn from them as long, as you don't dwell on them with a negative attitude.

Growing up I had an interesting childhood. Things weren't always as stable as I would have liked them to have been. I stayed resentful, sad and angry for a lot of years and it negatively affected not only my life, but also the relationships with people who were most important to me.

As I grew older I decided to start making decisions to try and better my life. You never know if you are making the right decisions and it was scary during times when things were uncertain. But I think that's a better option than sitting around feeling sorry for yourself concerning things you feel you missed out on.

The fact is, you may or may not have missed out on certain things but life can be amazing if you choose to see the beauty in all the people, things, and experiences that surround you. That is what has lead me to hiking, the mountains, and some of the most amazing people I could have ever met. Stay open to the possibilities because you never know what amazing adventures lay ahead, if you're willing to take a chance."

Photos for Scott's interview courtesy Brad Orr @wbradorr

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