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An Alaskan native with a taste for adventure. Sam's trek into adventure started early with her father teaching her the basics of fishing, hunting, digging for clams, as well as have a unwavering love for the outdoors. We had the opportunity to ask Sam a few questions about keeping balance in life, what she looks for in adventure gear, and her life mentors.


My advice for any new adventurer would be to do your research, know your limitations & start small. The simple journey can end up being the most rewarding. That being said I would also advise to never give up & to push yourself whenever you can! There's a ying & yang, light & dark, right & wrong to every aspect of life. Just knowing how to find that balance is key. When taking yourself out on a limb just remember to keep yourself rooted to the tree.

Quick beginner basics:

1. Know the gear you'll need

2. Research your location/destination 

3. Find a mentor or teacher 

4. Stay positive against all odds

5. Never give up 


Did you have a mentor in your life? How did they help shape your path to adventure?

My father has always & will always be a mentor of mine. Still inspiring at 62. The man runs, swims & bikes on the daily & can still kick my butt up any mountain.

The key to finding balance in life comes down to assessing your life as it is now

Is there a time negativity nearly got the best of you on an adventure? 

Self-doubt can really impact you negatively on your adventures. Keeping a positive mindset & having an encouraging mentor are essentials in taking on any new venture.


Have there been times where lack of research got the best of you?

Not being prepared for whatever it is you're seeking to do can really hinder you. I've personally under-researched locations & not packed the right gear or brought enough water even. It's really scary when you're miles from home with & unprepared.



What kind of gear do you make sure you have before an adventure?

Gear essentials for any adventure are of hydration, nutrition & a first aid kit of some kind. The rest boils down to what kind of adventure you're going to be on.

What helps keep you in balance?

The key to finding balance in life comes down to assessing your life as it is now, mentally agreeing to become balanced & setting goals in your life that make the things you want to do achievable. 


If someone had to pick one article from your blog to read, what would it be?

My blog is my newest adventure! If I were going to advise which would be the best article to read I'd say my last adventure, every time. Right now I'm challenging myself to become a better writer & each article shows that progression.


What can we expect from Samantha in the future?

Next up, Arizona & Utah! We will be flying into Las Vegas & renting a car to drive ourselves to amazing destinations. Our goals are to visit Zion National Park, Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon & much more! Stay tuned! 


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