Instagram is the best place to remind yourself of all the adventures you’re not taking.

On the other hand, browsing other people’s adventure pictures can be your best source of inspiration, spurring you to visit the local park or book your next flight. Here are 10 adventure accounts that will leave you inspired or jealous.

1.  Chris Istace - @Stasher_bc

 Photo by Patrick H  @insightimages

Photo by Patrick H @insightimages


Working out of Canada's West Coast, Chris is a writer, photographer, and man with a multi-toned beard. He’s been meshing the adventure life with the family life since relocating a few years ago, and can help you do the same.

His articles deal with mindful exploring and buying from sustainable companies.

His adventure photos reveal the human struggle and cooperation with nature.

His beard inspires contemplation of the cosmos.

Find them all here.


2. Erik McRitchie - @erikmcr


If you’ve ever wondered how the Rockies look under the morning’s first licks of sunlight, or where to find kool-aid blue lakes, Erik is your guy. His website advertises landscapes and wedding shots. To see him at his full potential, we recommend tying the knot on a mountain summit. His recent trip to Iceland reveals a prehistoric land carved by ice, and his everyday life makes me wonder why I don’t just start living outside.


3. Savannah - @savannah_somewhere


Girls with surfboards, waterfall make-outs, hot spring hang-outs - what’s not to like? From Hawaii to Yosemite, Savannah brings you that dose of adventure your life is missing. And trust us, if you’re reading this, your life is missing adventure.


4. Brad Orr - @wbradorr

Screenshot 2017-01-22 17.15.57.jpg

Brad Orr captures it all - people, cities, the quiet stillness of nature. But he’s most at home bringing mountain ridges to life in his images. Living at the foot of the Canadian Rockies means easy access for him, and plenty of ‘how did he get that shot?’ photos for you. Check out his website for the goods.

5. Jeremie Carron - @Jeremie.carron


Moody nature feels all day on this young Swiss adventurer’s Instagram. Hop rocks with Jeremie, or join him for a long relaxing stare into the abyss. An abyss filled with relaxing slopes and snowy peaks that will make you think about throwing out your television. Jeremie is a proponent of waking up outrageously early to catch images of that magical mountain time. We’re grateful for that.

6. Lana Jankovic - @lanajankovic

 Photo Credit:  Max Zedler

Photo Credit: Max Zedler


The embodiment of “Spice of Life,” Lana never fails to show her charisma within every piece of content she puts out. Her stunning adventure photos combine with words of inspiration and self reflection. Lana caught our attention from the get go with her personalized motivational thoughts that join each breathtaking photo. Plus, who doesn’t like a girl who’s willing to leap into near freezing mountain water for a good time (Don’t believe us? Go check it out.)


7. Kenton Steryous - @kenton_steryous


A husband, father, photographer, and adventurer. Kenton has recently become a part of @theoutbound team as an explorer, which means we can look forward to more adventure articles like this one. His passion for life shines through in his work, especially with pieces like his “12 Days of Favourites,” and his powerful piece on getting kids outdoors.

Adventurers Among Us spent time with Kenton in Banff recently for some adventure and an interview. Check it out if you haven’t yet.

8. Dan Bell - @_danbell


When you look into Dan’s ‘About me’ page, a quote stands out. “I believe travelling should be perceived more as an adventure and less as a checklist.” This lust for life spills over into his work and overflows into whatever media you’re observing him through. International adventure is Dan’s thing. UK, Austria, Scotland, New Zealand, and Iceland are a few of his favorites. On top of his stunner photographs, you can expect engaging videos of his outlandish adventures.

9. Sonja - @kananaskis_kid


This adventurous woman is on a warpath to make the most of life through exploration. Every Instagram post, comment, and move this girl makes has a spark of life that would be difficult to match. Her adventures are based in the Canadian Rockies, but they don’t stop there. Currently she's making the most of Kauai while hiking and camping the Kalalau trail. Get over to her feed and get in on the action!

10. Mr. Fox - @mrfoxshots

Screenshot 2017-02-28 21.57.56.jpg

Adventurers come in all different sizes… and species. This courageous canine from Tasmania is penned as a Mighty Mutt who loves adventure. He’s also huge into social media. Mr. Fox habitually finds himself next to mountain views and lush forest streams, and can work a camera in any light. Check out Mr. Fox’s Instagram for tongue wags, puppy eyes, and fresh nature scenes. Still not sure how he writes such good hashtags though.

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