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You're heading out deep into the backcountry, leaving behind civilization, Wi-fi, and your daily extra hot non-fat latte. You've got your bag packed with noodles and instant coffee. You’re conserving space and keeping the weight down so you struggle less hiking up slopes. Life is about sacrifices, after all. Same sweaty shirt three days in a row? No problem. Trade in the bottle of merlot for a half filled bag of “something red?” Acceptable. But there’s one place where you cannot, should not, must not sacrifice:



This is the part you have to take seriously, folks. And we’re not just talking any kind of dessert. If a meal is going to take up space in your bag it better justify itself, meaning it should be both delicious and functional. We’re talking calories to get you up that mountain and protein to help you rebuild. And most important, something to look forward to when you make it to the top.

Sound like you might be dreaming? Wake up and taste the magic of these Chewy No Bake Granola Bars, the backcountry bars that will lure you in with their deliciousness and fuel you up for the next leg of adventure. And the best part is, you can make them yourself at home.

The world doesn’t need more bars with chalky, protein powder undertones or hints of fake flavoured fruit. It needs real ingredients, like coconut oil, rolled oats, and nut butter.

These bars offer a “create your own adventure” list of ingredients, because since when does every adventurer require the same fuel?


Peanut allergy got you down? Substitute with your favourite non-nut butter. Looking for less sugar? Skimp on the chocolate chips and add in dried cranberries or other fruits. It’s your dessert, dammit, and you can do what you want.

They set in the fridge, so you can skip the oven. That’s right, no baking required! Because you have enough on your plate making sure there’s fuel for your camp stove and all the tent pegs are still intact.

Cliff, Lara, etc, etc... At this point, the adventure community is saturated with handy, on the run energy bars. Apple this, mixed nut that, gluten free everything. You can have it nearly every way you’d like it. But for some of us, it’s less about pre-packaged selection, and more about creating something of your own to enjoy on the mountain top, or mid trail, or after sliding into home plate to the roar of screaming fans.

So grab the recipe, hit up the supermarket, and head to the kitchen. Get your hands dirty, oh adventurous one, and leave that oven for the apple pies.

Because adventuring just got delicious.


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