Watching your favorite adventure movies just got easier.


People are calling it the ‘Netflix of outdoor films,’ and it’s the next best thing to taking adventures of your own. The video hosting site Slipstream now offers a pretty much endless reel of outdoor themed content for you to watch online.

It’s the next best thing to going on your own adventures, and a huge source of inspiration to take in during the off-season. You can watch climbers throw themselves into far away icy wilderness with little regard for their own safety, or hang by fingernails as they boulder around South America. If it’s the ocean breeze you’re after, there’s enough gorgeous wave riding footage to keep you stoked until next summer.  

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The variety of content is Slipstream’s biggest selling point. For $4.99 a month you get films ranging from hours long documentaries on cycling, to 7-minute jaunts through van life in California. There’s hardly a corner of the outdoors they haven’t found a beautifully shot film on, and it’s all neatly laid out for you to browse through in your down time.

Big names like Patagonia and North Face have signed on to show their films on Slipstream, giving you access to the industry’s best. And they’ve recruited adventure icons like Olympian Xavier de le Rue and Hazel Findlay to curate their content. It’s all available to watch on PC, Mobile, Apple TV, or that oddly shaped rock in the backyard you pretend to watch shows on when you’re alone.


Watching a couple hours on Slipstream is akin to having Tony Robbins yell in your face for an hour about adventuring better. But they go beyond that, digging into the issues facing our world today, like rebuilding shelters after Nepal’s earthquake in Gyalmu’s House, or the ecological costs of American damn building in DamNation. These films get close, telling stories of hearty people and challenging places from all corners of the earth.

Not bad for $4.99 a month.

And if you use the code 'AMONGUS' right now you’ll get 6 weeks free.

Alright enough with the chit-chat. We’re about to watch some French guys who climb mountain peaks and then snowboard down them. Inspiration, here we come!


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